Why making mistakes at work is good for you

Although Salman Khan describes his son in the article, this is absolutely applicable to team members in a company. We continuously observe that in our team: the more a person tries new and difficult things, the more mistakes he/she makes. The more mistakes - the more experienced and skilled he or she becomes. It’s about going out of one’s ‘comfort zone’ and trying to do tasks one has never done before.

And of course we also observe the opposite effect: the more familiar tasks a person pursues, the less skilled the person becomes over time.

Google might not be a dream employer anymore

Looks like sometimes its (big) size plays against itself.

The Myths You’ll Hear About Working as an Engineer at a Startup

Most probably you already know how to set up your machine to run Vagrant and a virtual development environment.

However, it’s not that clear what the workflow should be after you set it up.

Here it is a workflow that we use for our projects:

Vagrant development environment: a basic workflow for developer diagram
This is how you develop with a Vagrant-enabled virtual development environment

In other words, to properly use the Vagrant development environment, you should do the following:

  1. Install and set up Vagrant on your machine
  2. Tell Vagrant to copy your source code file to a guest OS by setting up synced folders in your Vagrantfile
  3. Run a guest OS: vagrant up virtual_os_name
  4. ssh into the guest OS: vagrant ssh virtual_os_name
  5. cd into the synced folder on the guest OS
  6. Compile/run your code from within the synced folder on the guest OS (instead of doing that locally on your development machine as you are used to)
  7. Fix/modify your code on your development machine with your favourite text editor or IDE as usual (any changes you do to your local source files will be synced to the guest OS immediately)
  8. Repeat 6 and 7 if necessary.

Happy coding!

tldr; If you have got a company in the EU, think twice when purchasing something from Amazon.co.uk, because they will mess up with all the required invoices and it will be your problem to explain that to the tax authorities.

Need invoices to report to tax authorities? Not with Amazon.co.uk.

We tried to make quite a large order on Amazon in 2013 for our company (around $3000 worth of computer components, GPS hardware and gadgets for one of our projects), but after a week or two after we placed the order they just canceled it silently providing no reason for that.

After we put in even more time to re-order all the things, they failed to deliver correct invoices: they mismatched the billing address and the shipping address and failed to fix that.

It was our company that made all the orders and this was done with our company’s corporate credit card. Moreover, the Amazon account is registered for the same company and its legal registered VAT number.

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